Book Review: Three Readings for Republicans and Democrats by Carol Bly and Cythnia Loveland

This book was billed as a thoughtful piece that both sides of the political should look at. So, I was expecting some very thoughtful stories about personal reflections on politics from someone that lives in my state (Carol Bly). As an independent minded activist, I like to read the back and forth between so called “left wingers and right wingers” and read a lot of literature that either of poses to convert the other side or for policy wonks.

This was neither the former nor the latter, it was the mind dump of a condescending liberal dressed up as short stories.

This book is split into three short stories with a variation of which writers is contributing to the piece. At times I found myself being drawn into a story by the clever and engaging writing, only to be jerked out and slapped with some condescension, belittlement and rhetoric. It seemed that at the end of each story the author turned on me and began berating me for not being a staunch liberal. The book and stories were well titled, but none of the three stories ever delivered. And I wanted so desperately to like the characters, but this book was a terrible disappointment and I found the characters/authors to be incredibly pretentious and unlikable. At one point, one of the authors makes the comment about looking down on Republicans as if it were something in the past, and it’s clear to me she still does think herself superior to them. The only story worth reading is the very first one and don’t read the ending. I was glad that I bought this book at a discount via a second hand store.

I don’t normally write to authors, but after reading this I had to write to see if some context had been missed on my part. But alas, when looking for the authors online, I learned that Carol Bly had passed from cancer several years ago, so my need for additional context has to go unmet, much like my desire for the return of my money and my time. If you are given the chance to read this book, pass. If you have even the inclining towards free markets or personal responsibility than you will be offended and the writing is not good enough to off set the terrible content. Put this one under the category, stuff libertarians throw in the trash.